Cork Food Policy Council

Cork Food Policy Council

Cork Food Policy Council – a Cork Healthy Cities Initiative

A Food Policy Council is an organised group of community members, business people, farmers, advocates, and other stakeholders in the food system.  Food Policy Councils in other cities work to educate citizens, convene stakeholders to prioritize food and nutrition activities and policies, and recommend environmental, policy or system-based solutions to policy makers and leaders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.
A Food Policy Council has been set up in Cork and is a first for Ireland. As part of the Cork Healthy City initiative, the Council will work to promote and prioritise sustainable food production and consumption in the city and recommend food policy development.

Dr. Colin Sage Senior Lecturer UCC in the Department of Geography with research interests in food systems, environmental policy and civic initiatives for social change is the chair of the Cork Food Policy Council  Steering Committee.

The Cork Food Policy Council has been formed to work towards the achievement of a fairer, healthier, more secure and sustainable food system within the City and throughout the region. We pride ourselves that Cork is the food capital of Ireland. However:

  •     Increasing numbers of families across Cork are finding it difficult to put good nourishing food on the table.
  •     Eating cheaply might explain why our waistlines are expanding – and is likely to result in health problems  later.
  •     We are importing more and more of our food leaving us exposed to rising prices.
  •     We are increasingly disconnected from producers in the region.


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Feed the City Event – the launch of the Cork Food Policy Council 

On the 15th March, the Cork Food Policy Council in association with Cork Healthy Cities hosted a “Feed the City” event in  Cork City. Just under 5,000 plates of vegetable curry was prepared and served to the people of Cork using perfectly safe surplus vegetables that would have otherwise gone to waste. One of the key messages from this event is the need to reduce the volumes of food thrown away each day.

Click here to watch Cork Food Policy Council You Tube Clip and the Feed the City event by Denise Cahill, Cork Healthy City Co-ordinator

Click here to watch Waste Not Want Not – You Tube video on this event by Cat Mooney