European Cycling Challenge – Cork City

The European Cycle Challenge (

The European Cycle Challenge 2017 is an urban cyclists’ team* competition which aims at the promotion of sustainable mobility and the use of the bicycle as a means of transportation, organised by SRM, the Public Transport Authority of Bologna.
*The principal team is the signed up city/Metropolitan Area, sub teams can be companies within that city/area.
1.    To use the challenge as a tool to promote more people cycling, and more miles being cycled, in Cork, Dublin, Galway,
Limerick and Waterford Cities and surrounds;
2.    To compare and learn from this alternative approach to a cycle challenge; and
3.    To benefit from raw GPS data re cycle movement in the Cork Metropolitan area at the end of the challenge by way of a heat map.
This year Cork is taking part for the first time and it is the Cork Metropolitan Area has been registered to participate. The challenge is between us and the other participating Irish Metropolitan  areas (Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Waterford) as well as cities all across Europe.
The team is the Cork Metropolitan Area.
Subteams can be place of work/school etc.

The Challenge will run from May 1st-31st. We hope two things:
1.    That workplaces engage in encouraging staff to participate – NTA will be holding a seminar for Smarter Travel Workplaces on the 5th April at 1:00pm, and a webinar on Thursday 6th April at 12:00.
2.    That the relevant Cork authorities (Cork City and County Councils) will be willing to promote it more generally to the public in their local authority areas.
Key things to know about the Challenge
1.    The European Cycling Challenge 2017 – ECC2017 takes place from 1st to 31st May 2017.
2.    It is possible to join the Challenge until May 31st.
3.    Sinead Flavin, Smarter Travel Workplaces Coordinator, will act as the NTA coordinator and will have access to backend data that will enable her to provide some targeted encouragement, and also to provide team (i.e. city leaderboards) and sub-team leaderboards (company leaderboards and also ‘other’ which we will request is designated to schools). Sinead will also be able to see the list of names in the companies and schools that have signed up.
4.    A ‘Cycling365 free App’ is provided for all individuals that sign up. Signing up for individuals is free.
5.    Each city will have a designated boundary wherein logged cycle trips are allowed – participants that have signed up can track their bike-trips with the Cycling365 free App
6.    If you don’t have a smartphone, you can manually insert your bike-trips. It is possible to insert manually up to 6 trips per day.
7.    If you join to ECC2016 after May 1st, you can log trips made during the previous days.
8.    All kinds of bicycle are allowed – owned or rented, bike-sharing, electric bicycles, cargo bike, etc.
9.    All trips made by bicycle are accepted if the bicycle is used as a means of transportation. For instance, trips to and from workplace or school, to shopping, to visit friends, to go to the cinema or to the swimming pool.
10.    Sport activities are not allowed.
11.    Trips with an average speed higher than 30 km/h AND a maximum speed higher than 45 km/h are not valid for the challenge, thus for the city leaderboard, but only for the statistical leaderboard. The same will be for trips longer than 35 km.
12.    It is possible to join a City Team/Metropolitan Area  if you live in the city/area or you travel to/from/across the city.
13.    In the “City Leaderboard ” only the km of the part of the trip made within the borders will be counted. In the “Statistic Leaderboard” all km of any journey will be counted.
14.    It is possible to join only one City Team.
15.    It is possible to join a subteam for each category (companies, schools, groups).
16.    The only two official leaderboards are: the “City Leaderboard” and the “Best Cycling City Leaderboard”. All the other leaderboards have only a statistic meaning.