Lord Mayor presents the Copenhagen Consensus

Lord Mayor of Cork Cllr Tony Fitzgerald today presented the Copenhagen Consensus to a delegation of over 175 political leaders and Mayors in Copenhagen. This presentation was on behalf of the WHO Political Vision Group of which he has been a part since 2016. Cork City hosted the final meeting of this political vision group in September 2017. This is an historic event on this the 40th anniversary of Alma Ata the foundation stone of modern Public Health and Health Promotion and the stimulus for the development of the Healthy Cities movement.


Dr Zsuszanna Jakab Regional Director WHO has set the ambitious goal of 20,000 Mayors to sign and commit to this Consensus by 2020. Cork has been central to the development of this Consensus and will advocate for other cities in Ireland to sign up.


‘As first citizen of Cork City I am very proud to represent Cork at this historic event.’ said Lord Mayor of Cork Cllr Tony Fitzgerald.  ‘Health is much broader than medicine. Local authorities are key to the promotion of public health. Now is the time for us to think globally but act locally in implementing the Copenhagen Consensus’


The Consensus Consensus is shaped around the 6 Ps of: People, Place, Participation, Prosperity, Peace and Planet.