Political Support for Healthy Cities

Tony FitzgeraldLaunch CPG ReportCork City Council endorsed the role of the Healthy Cities Committee at City Hall on the 28th Sept when Cllr Tony Fitzgerald, Cork City Council’s and national political representative on behalf of Cork City’s Healthy Committee circulated a report on work achievied to date. Thanks to Cllr. Tony Fitzgerald for successfully getting Healthy Cities on the agenda of future City Council meetings through the Corporate Policy Group.


Click here to access a pdf copy of Cork Healthy Cities report to City Council Corporate Planning Group Sept 2015


Cllr. Fitzgerald statedthat one of the objectives of a Healthy City is ensure that its activities are at the heart of the local authority and remains high on the political agenda. The report (Attached) was presented to the Corporate Policy Group which recommended its approval for discussion at council”.

I am delighted that the report was accepted by Council by all parties and tonight’s political decision is another step in ensuring that Cork remains a Healthy City under the WHO. The next step is to meet with all of the political parties at national level with my colleague Senator Eamonn Coghlan to ensure that the Healthy City Agenda remains a priority at national level he added.

“Every decision made by the City Council and other public service providers in Cork has an impact on people’s lives.  The Healthy City initiative brings all the key stakeholders together to look at ways in which to make Cork a healthier place to live, be it through better urban design or the promotion of healthy lifestyles within the City.  The City Health profile provides a snapshot on the state of health in the city and it will guide the development of a plan to make Cork a healthier place in which live, work and play”says Cllr Tony Fitzgerald, Political Representative on the committee.

“The HSE supports the designation of Cork as a World Health Organisation Healthy City and we are delighted to be an integral part of the development of the city as a healthy place to live and work.  We fully support the Healthy Cities concept as the most effective way to promote health for the citizens of Cork Citysays Rebecca Loughrey, Head of Social Inclusion, HSE South.

“Healthy Cities has given those of us with a research interest a terrific insight into both the health challenges facing our citizens but it has also brought us closer to the many people and agencies working to address them. The WHO designation has been a great boost to our efforts and we look forward to on-going collaboration with these many new partners who share our commitment to the health of Cork and its people” “said Dr Michael Byrne, Head of Student Health, UCC

 “Partnership with communities is a key element of healthy cities and brings the best outcomes in terms of health, well being and quality of life but especially in terms of health equity. Being part of a city-wide health action plan and working with other key organisations allows health to become a shared concern and key consideration in planning and investment. We look forward to developing innovative inter-agency community health initiatives can be replicated or built upon for the benefit of all people of the city” said Siobhán O’Dowd, Co-ordinator Ballyphehane Togher CDP Cork Community Health Network.