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Cork City invited to participate in the development of a European Political vision and leadership for Healthy Cities

Cork City has been honoured to participate at European level in the development of a political vision which is fundamental to support the future for healthy cities. Under new leadership in the World Health Organisation European Region, Healthy Cities will be re-launched at the International Healthy Cities Conference in 2018 and strong political input is essential in defining the future direction.

In this context, the WHO established a Political Vision Group to engage politicians to support and guide the strategic approach of Healthy Cities. The Vision Group will act as a resource to the WHO and will provide political input on local level knowledge to the future strategic direction of Healthy Cities. This will assist cities to improve the health of their populations, and in turn enhance the effectiveness of the Healthy Cities Network as a whole.

Cllr. Tony Fitzgerald, Political Representative for Cork Healthy Cities has taken on the role of representing Cork on the European Political Vision group. Cllr. Fitzgerald has a vast array of experience in community health and health inequalities and has been involved in Cork Healthy Cities since it’s inception. Cllr. Fitzgerald will be a great advocate and ambassador for Cork Healthy Cities at European level.

‘I am honoured to be to be selected by the WHO along with 9 other political representatives from Turkey, Denmark, Israel, Finland, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Austria and Italy to participate in the European Political Vision Group for the future of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network. I am privileged as the only invited Irish city and politician in this group of 10 cities from across the European Region, to participate in the process of leading the development of the vision for the future of Healthy Cities in Europe. I firmly believe that this is a testament to the work that has been done by all of our Healthy Cities and by the National Healthy Cities and County Network in Ireland. We are punching above our weight and now we have now been afforded the opportunity to shape European health policy’ said Cllr. Tony Fitzgerald at the launch of the National Healthy Cities Network of Ireland.