A free resource to support mental health promotion in the workplace was launched on May 8th 2019 in Cork County Hall by Cllr Bob Ryan deputising for the Mayor of County Cork, as part of the PSYCHED Celebration ceremony .PSYCHED is an initiative of Cork Healthy Cities & Counties, supported by the Health Service Executive, University College Cork, Cork City & County Councils. PSYCHED aims to promote better understanding of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and is the first mental health promotion scheme of its kind in Ireland.

The PSYCHED Workplace Resource provides a checklist to help both employees and employers assess current mental health promotion, protection and support in their workplace and also provides a framework to assist businesses with the development and implementation of mental health promoting workplace policies. At the ceremony on Wednesday, 8th May 2019, Certificates of Recognition were awarded to 30 workplaces, ranging from Small to Medium size Enterprises to multinationals, for their efforts supporting the mental well-being of their staff. “As a Healthy County we pride ourselves in Cork in supporting and promoting health wherever we can,” said Cllr Bob Ryan deputising for the Mayor of County Cork. “We are delighted to acknowledge workplaces in Cork for taking a lead in valuing and supporting the mental health of their staff.”

The Guest speaker on the evening included Michael Noonan who shared his experience of recovery from a serious brain injury.

PSYCHED was launched in October 2017 and is aimed at promoting workplace awareness of mental health.  A number of workplace mental health workshops have been hosted across Cork City and County throughout the year; including a workshop attended by 70 different workplaces which was held in the Republic of Work in April.


 We see this occasion as a valuable opportunity to acknowledge efforts being made in workplaces of all kinds to start conversations leading to a better understanding of mental health. Through their commitment we are building a community of workplaces beyond the city and now into the County of Cork where the importance of mental well-being is seen as equally important as physical health,” said Daniel Flynn Principal Psychologist for the HSE South who chairs the PSYCHED Organising Committee.  “We are delighted to launch the PSYCHED resource material to further support all workplace efforts to mental health promoting activities and policies.” Workplaces which received the PSYCHED Certificate of Recognition for their efforts to date include SMEs, multinationals, not for profit and the public service.

“I’m delighted to see PSYCHED build on the success of last year” said Cllr. Kieran McCarthy deputising for the Lord Mayor of Cork City.  “It is clear that awareness is building in workplaces of the importance of looking after the mental wellbeing of staff. We hope that in the future many other companies and organisations will join those we have recognised this week”.











For more information or to download the PSYCHED Workplace Resource visit or the PSYCHED youtube channel: PSYCHED Cork