Cork Kerry Community Healthcare and Social Inclusion welcome the release of a new animated video ‘You’re never too deep in the woods, to walk away from domestic abuse’


This animation explores how to recognise the signs of domestic abuse and where to find help.


The video aims to increase awareness and understanding of the different forms of domestic abuse and how to access help for all women with a specific focus on additional challenges faced by migrant women living in Ireland.


Domestic abuse has significantly increased in recent years with 2021 witnessing a 10% rise in reported cases, dramatically contributing to a 60% rise since 2017. 2021 has also seen a 12% rise in reports of domestic abuse experienced by migrant women compared to figures reported in 2020. In Ireland, migrant women are often more vulnerable due to perceived barriers in accessing services such as language and stigma. There may also be a lack of understanding of what domestic abuse is and that in Ireland it is a crime.  Undocumented migrant women, including victims of trafficking, are more reluctant to report abuse and seek support from state services due to a fear of deportation, which can often be used as a tool of control by their abusive partners.


This project was first created when the Cork Kerry Refugee Resettlement Initiative supported a young woman to access the supports of her local domestic violence service. Potential challenges for her included language difficulties, isolation, feeling a sense of shame from her community, stigma, trust and a lack of understanding that what was happening in her relationship was in fact abusive.


This resource was developed to address these many issues and bring to focus the ways women can feel safer, the confidential supports offered by Domestic Violence Services in Ireland as well as interpretations supports available through or by calling 1800 341 900 for help.


Thanks are offered to the following organisations who partnered with HSE on this initiative: Yana North Cork Domestic Violence Project, Cuanlee Refuge for Abused Women and Children, West Cork Women Against Violence Project, Amal-Muslim Women’s Association, Nasc and Clonakilty Friends of Asylum Seekers Project.


The Cork Kerry Refugee Resettlement Initiative is supported by HSE, Community Work, Social Inclusion and Cork Kerry Community Healthcare.


To watch this video in full visit the Cork Kerry Community Healthcare YouTube account here, an Arabic versions of this video is also available here


URL for English version

URL for Arabic version


Further information on this initiative is available from Leah Bentham Community Worker  Refugee Supports Cork, Cork Kerry Refugee Resettlement Initiative–