Access to quality, unstructured play is known to help improve overall health, well-being and development. Through play we can make connections between ourselves and the world around us.

Quality play provision creates an environment in which we can be spontaneous.

Cork City has received support from URBACT to promote play for social inclusion in our city. To kick-start this vision an EcCoWeLL Seminar will take place in the city to explore the development of Cork as a Playful City.

This seminar will use the Open Space methodology to explore the various aspects of play for social inclusion including:

  • Play in Education
  • Play Streets / School Streets
  • Play on the River
  • Play for Placemaking
  • Play for Consultation
  • Playful Festivals

This seminar will be of interest to anyone with an interest in play in their profession or daily life.

Admission is Free but spaces are limited

To book your space click HERE