The HSE Sexual Health Promotion Team, Health Promotion and Improvement Department, Cork Kerry Community Healthcare are delighted to announce the launch our ‘Talk, Touch, Make Love with Consent’ Campaign. This campaign seeks to promote and highlight the conversations about positive sexual health and consent at individual, community and clinical levels.

The term “make love” is used with the aim of reclaiming some positive language around sexual health in a move away from some of the more “aggressive” language that can be associated with pornography.

While the logo and campaign title stand alone as a significant sexual health promotion message, the campaign also includes a suite of resources including social media, educational resources and webinars. See the links below to access the education and social media resources.

Campaign Webinars include:
  1. Campaign Briefing Sessions
  • Wednesday 30th Sept at 11.30-12.30 and repeated on Wednesday 7th of September 11.30-12.30
  1. Consent Webinar
  • Wednesday 21st Oct at 11.30-12.30 and repeated on Wednesday 4th of November 11.30-12.30
  1. Healthy Relationships Webinar
  • Wednesday 18th November at 11.30-12.30 and repeated on Wednesday 2nd of December 11.30-12.30

All Webinars can be booked by emailing Ms Anna Foley at

For more information on any of the above contact a member of the Sexual Health Promotion Team

Resources Supporting the Talk, Touch Make Love with Consent Campaign Include:

Click on links and images to download resources


  • Consent logo – Click on image to download