The Cork Food Policy Council is a partnership between representatives of the community, food retail, farming, fishing, restaurant/catering, education, environmental and health sectors and local authorities.


Values of the Cork Food Policy Council

1. Health and wellbeing for all

Raising awareness of the importance of a nutritious, balanced diet for all. Improving the availability of affordable healthy food. Supporting a wide range of community growing and other food-related activities to improve physical and mental health for people of all ages.

2. A thriving local economy

Encouraging a greater number & diversity of food enterprises and jobs, making the most of our rich land & sea resources. Sourcing healthy & sustainable food from local producers & suppliers, keeping value within the local economy.

3. Resilient, food-friendly communities

Promoting and celebrating the food and culinary traditions of all cultures through a variety of public events. Supporting local,
city- and region- wide food initiatives that bring communities together and help them to improve their neighbourhoods.

4. Lifelong learning & skills

Giving everyone the opportunity to learn about good food – how to grow it, how to cook it, how to eat it and how to enjoy it. Sharing and enabling organisations such as schools, hospitals, businesses and other caterers to transform their food culture.

5. A reduced environmental footprint

Supporting food production that protects nature; reduces food miles, packaging and waste; and increases composting and recycling. Maximising the use of greenspace and brownfield sites in and around the city to produce food for local people.


Dr Colin Sage, Chair of the Cork Food Policy Council, describes how the Cork Food Policy Council was formed and the value of community growing projects

Denise Cahill, Healthy Cities Co-ordinator, Cork describes how the work of the Cork Food Policy Council fits in with her work promoting the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Cork.

The Cork Food Policy Council has been formed to work towards the achievement of a fairer, healthier, more secure and sustainable food system within the City and throughout the region. We pride ourselves that Cork is the food capital of Ireland. However:

  • Increasing numbers of families across Cork are finding it difficult to put good nourishing food on the table.

  • Eating cheaply might explain why our waistlines are expanding – and is likely to result in health problems later.

  • We are importing more and more of our food leaving us exposed to rising prices.

  • We are increasingly disconnected from producers in the region.

We are facing global ecological and food security challenges, but:

  • Rising global demand for food accompanied by dietary change places more pressure on agricultural production.

  • Climate change is already reducing agricultural yields.

  • Freshwater supplies are under considerable pressure everywhere.

  • As oil prices remain high, increasing areas of land are now used to grow bio fuels rather than food.

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