20th November 2022

For the first time ever, as a city, Cork will celebrate UN World Children’s Day.

This inaugural event is a collaboration between Cork Child Friendly Cities Forum*, Cork City Council and children and young people themselves!

Together, we are delighted to announce the Illumination of Cork City Hall in the symbolic colour of Blue to honour the value, pride, and hope the city has for our children and young people, past present and future. The illumination includes an event inviting children & young people into City Hall Chambers -the centre of decision making in our city, to meet the Lord Mayor, and engage in cultural experience of song and dance.


Children and young people are a part of our city in their own right. The Lord Mayor of Cork Cllr Deirdre Forde stated:

Our city is vibrant because the children are visible, and the young people are engaged.  This visibility and engagement can be viewed in our sporting, drama, arts, culture, music and dance on such big days as St Patrick’s Day or small evenings as parents take their children home from classes across all our communities. One of the highlights of my year as Lord Mayor revolves around children, as I visit the schools in the City.  I see their potential as they engage in education and in that, I see the potential of our city, one shaped by them and for them.

Such is the importance of World Children’s Day we will be celebrating children and young people’s participation in the city with a display called “See My Voice!” in the Atrium In City Hall at 5.30 p.m. on Monday 21st November 2022.  We have put out a call to children and young people, their organisations, and groups who represent or care for them, to provide us with examples of how they have amplified Children’s voices.  This display really has some very special submissions which we will acknowledge, share and learn from.  This display will be on for the full week from 22st to the 25th November 10amto4pm each day.  

Katherine Harford, Chairperson of Cork Child Friendly Cities Forum says “I want to thank Cork City Council for supporting Cork Child Friendly City Forum in celebrating World Children’s Day in such a visual, meaningful as well as symbolic way.  Children of all backgrounds, abilities, interests and ages are included. I am in awe of capacity of children in everyday moments to lead the way, and it is all our responsibility to make that possible and to uphold their rights. I believe these inaugural set of child focused events will signal our intent to place children at the heart of our city not just on one day, but on every day, assuring them of the love and respect they rightly deserve”.


* Cork Child Friendly City is an open forum made up of intersectoral allies working toward Cork becoming a child friendly city –progressing all children’s rights, participation and belonging.

It is a key action under the Cork Healthy 10 Year Action Plan adopted by Cork City Council in 2022.

For more information please see https://corkhealthycities.com/projects/child-friendly-city/


**For more information about Cork celebrating UN World Children’s Day please contact


Katherine Harford katherine@letsgrowtogether.ie Tel:. 086 031 9126

Kieran O’ Connell kieran_oconnell@corkcity.ie Tel: 0860105462

Martha Halbert. martha_halbert@corkcity.ie Tel: 086 6034102