The Marina – Always Open for Play

In October 2020 the River Lee Placemaking Network in partnerhsip with the Outfoor Urban Initiative focussed their effrots on the Marina in Blackrock.  The Marina, which has recently been pedestrianised is a now a busy space for outdoor recreation.  Our vision was inspire those who enjoy this space to collectively reimagine and reinvent this space in a playful manner.  the main focus of our efforts was on the much under utilised Meadow in Marina Park.  We did this with small prompts and socially restricted activities for COVID-19 compliance.  Cork City Council kindly agreed to open the access gate to the Meadows on a permanent basis which opened the space to the public for greater access.

A wide variety of activities were on offer including: angling, chalk play on the road, a tree trail and sailing.

With COVID-19 restricitons we were resricted in the delivery of a number of activities and we hope to offer these again in the Spring 2021.