Traveller Pride is an annual celebration that takes place locally and nationally with Traveller organisations, partners and stakeholders coming together to celebrate Traveller ethnicity, identity and culture. National Traveller Pride 2023 will run from 3rd – 8th July 2023.

Cork Traveller Pride ran from 19th – 22nd June 2023 with this year’s theme  – “A Celebration of Traveller Changemakers” – uniting both Travellers and the settled community in a celebration of Traveller culture, heritage and activism.

It’ is a call to action to settled allies and partners to unite with Travellers to promote Traveller rights and be part of real positive change in Travellers’ lived experience in Ireland.

This year’s events celebrated the 24 Traveller women who graduated from UCC’s Leadership in the Community course and Train the Trainer course.

See following links on the programme and activates that ran in Cork

The full programme of events is listed below and you can follow the activities on Facebook: and Twitter: @TvgCorkCLG.

Facebook: and Twitter: @TvgCorkCLG.

See following link for National Traveller Pride Week 2023 Programme

Traveller Pride Week 2023