The KinShip Project at Tramore Valley Park

The KinShip Project is a durational public artwork at Tramore Valley Park by Cork City Council in partnership with artists Lennon Taylor (Marilyn Lennon and Sean Taylor), supported by the Creative Climate Action Fund. Local project partners include Cork Nature Network, Cork Healthy Cities, Cork’s UNESCO Learning City, Green Spaces for Health, MTU Clean Technology Lab and UCC Environmental Research Institute.

The KinShip Project is a long term public artwork, developing a variety of socially engaged cultural initiatives at Tramore Valley Park, starting in 2022.

Tramore Valley Park is home to The KinShip art project which offers artists and interested communities an opportunity to gather, and to respond creatively and critically to the ecological and climate action challenges we face today. The overall aim of the art project is to develop a sense of connection between the people of Cork and the ecology of the park. This project is an opportunity to develop a new relationship with the park, modelling ‘care’ as a civic responsibility to all the inhabitants. This is a space to alter our mindset about the relationship we have with the natural world, to address the legacy of ‘throw away’ culture and to engage with new modes of managing waste.

To achieve this, there will be a year-long creative programme of citizen-led skills and knowledge based exchanges, artist’s placements, a KinShip EcoLab construction commission, and a focused series of creative interventions in the park. All of these elements will endeavour to put the local community at the heart of the KinShip project.

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