Cork Healthy Cities offers its support to the Lee to Sea Greenway

The Lee to Sea Greenway envisions a world-class walking, running, and cycling route through Cork city, county and around its harbour. Starting from the River Lee’s lovely valley and rolling farmland at Inniscarra Dam, the Lee to Sea would follow the River Lee into Cork’s bustling city centre and along its historic quays, skirt the western shore of Cork’s huge natural harbour, and end at the impressive coastline near the harbour mouth. The Lee to Sea would unite and connect the city and its surroundings to the two defining features of the local landscape — the glacial Lee valley and Cork harbour. This greenway would help improve physical and mental health whilst reducing noise and air pollution… it’s a win-win for business, our local hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, and tourism.

About 200,000 people live within minutes of the Lee to Sea. And the proposed route passes many hotels, B&Bs, restaurants and cafes as well as colleges, business parks, and major employers in the city and county. So, whether it’s locals out for ride or a stroll, tourists exploring the countryside and historic attractions, or commuters getting to work, school, or the shops, the Lee to Sea greenway would serve a diverse and large population, every day of the week, and throughout the year.


It would provide leisure opportunities, boost tourism, and reduce congestion, making the Lee to Sea one of Ireland’s most important recreational and commuting paths. To realise this vision, we need the support of individuals, community groups, businesses, organisations, and councillors to make this a reality. Get on board, and help us make this vision a reality! Competitive, healthy and welcoming global cities are those with the best quality of life. That means access to green space, cultural and recreational opportunities, with appealing and sustainable transport options like the Lee to Sea greenway.



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