Over the past few weeks, the CSP team has been working with you and many of other partner organisations to create and develop a resource to support people of all ages and abilities to keep active during this uncertain time. With this in mind, I am delighted to present to you our Keep Cork Active booklet and online resource.


Both the website and booklet for the campaign are now live with over 200 resources for people to choose from. Examples of some activities included are a variety of home exercise workouts for all ages and abilities, sports skills and challenges for the young and not so young, as well as interactive games and activities for the family. This is complemented by a Health & Wellbeing section for everyone which is largely guided by public health recommendations and advice.


The details of all content included can be accessed through the following links:


For ease of navigation, we have divided the booklet into 6 colour-coded sections. Each section contains links to websites, videos and downloadable documents for use by all the family at any convenient time. I have included the sections below for your information.



FAMILY PLAY – Games & Activities 

OLDER ADULTS – Exercise & Activities 

CHILDREN & YOUTH – Sports Skills & Challenges 

ADULTS & YOUTH – Exercise & Home Workouts 

PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES – Inclusive & Adaptive Activities 

EVERYONE – Health & Wellbeing Tips


Provided you are connected to the internet, each activity included is linked to a more comprehensive resource, such as a website, video or PDF download through the hyperlink – Click here >>> text.


We have also initiated a number of other steps to provide offline support to those with no access to the internet including a WellComm Active phone line and hard copies of certain exercise programmes. This will come into effect next week.


Over the coming days and weeks, we will be embarking on an extensive marketing campaign, online and offline, utilising all our networks and channels of communication. Where possible, we will be tagging in as many of our partners as possible throughout the campaign so if you could help create more awareness and help increase our reach and engagement, we would very much appreciate it.

If appropriate, I can provide you with some resources (pdf’s, png’s, graphics, snippets from the full booklet etc.) to use in any promotional material you would like to share online or you would like to send out to your networks about the campaign.

If you require any further information or support with same, please let me know and I’d be more than happy to help.

Thanks for your support with helping to Keep Cork Active.


Maurice O’Sullivan

Sport & Marketing Manager

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