Cork Healthy Cities is deligthed to announce a series of seminars that we are partnering with SHEP Earth Aware, Green Spaces for Health, Cork Chamber, Cork Environmental Forum and the Environmental Research Institute on.

This whole series will concentrate on opening up a discussion on how we might green Cork. Looking at what this means from many different perspectives, we will be inviting expert practitioners in this field from both Ireland and abroad to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences with us and we will be providing ample opportunity for you to engage and discuss your responses in the sessions. In this time of the creation of a new Cork City Development Plan 2022 to 2028 and influenced by our experiences as a city during the recent lockdown we consider now an opportune time to consider just what kind of a city we want to live in for the future.
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Recording and Materials from Previous Events

  • Tuesday June 29 2021

Dr. Tamara Soma ‘The Missing Link: Food System Planning for Urban Health and Food

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  • Tuesday May 25 2021

Jennifer Drouin ‘Implementing the Doughnut Economics Model in Amsterdam’ 

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  •  Tuesday April 27 2021

Dr. Declan Jordan ‘Making City Growth Sustainable and Just: The Doughnut Economics Approach’

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  • Tuesday March 30 2021

Dr. Eoin Lettice and Dr. Paul Holloway ‘Considering our Biodiversity in Cork City – Flora and Fauna’

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  • Tuesday February 27th 2021 

Valerie Beirne ‘Bankside Urban Forest: A Partnership approach to transforming the network of streets and public spaces in Bankside, London’ 

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  • Tuesday January 26th 2021

Gitty Korsuize ‘Building with Nature – Examples from Utrecht’

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  • Tuesday November 24 2020

Cynthia Nikitin ‘From Green Spaces to People Places: The Transformative Power Of Parks’

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  • Tuesday October 20th 2020

Dr. Trevor Hancock ‘Healthy One Planet Communities: Creating planetary, community and personal health’

To view the PowerPoint presentation click here

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  • September 22nd 2020

Dr. Marcus Collier, Trinity College Dublin Connecting Nature, Bringing Life to the City

To view the PowerPoint slides click below:

Connecting Nature Presentation – Part I

Connecting Nature Presentation – Part II

To view the presentation on YouTube click here